Atlanta Finland Society, Inc. (AFS) - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta Finland Society, Inc. (AFS)

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Official Languages

In 2009 Finnish was added to Atlanta Finland Society (AFS) by-laws as an official language, in addition to English.  Following are guidelines for use of language whether Finnish or English is used:

  • Finnish will be the primary language used in Suomikoulu communication and during events.  It goes without saying Finnish will be only language used in school teaching.  The children and adults alike come to Suomikoulu to improve their Finnish!
  • All official documentation such as letter of incorporation, by-laws, accounting and financial documents will be kept in English for ease of communication with state and federal government offices as well as auditing purposes. 
  • Newsletters and website will be bilingual but all information need not be translated in both languages. 
  • The website will be primarily in English while Suomikoulu content will be in Finnish. 
  • Documents to be submitted to Opetushallitus (toimintakertomus, rahoituslaskelma) will be kept in Finnish and translated into English as needed.

Please note all information cannot be made available in both languages due to limited resources.  It takes double the time to type up everything in English.  Please remember that we all volunteer our time and have other jobs, too.  Thank you for your understanding!