Atlanta Finland Society, Inc. (AFS) - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta Finland Society, Inc. (AFS)

PO Box 768231 Roswell, GA 30076






Welcome to the Finnish Language School of Atlanta!

Finnish school is held every other Sunday. The reason why, is because we don’t want to forget our native language, and because it is nice to meet and socialize with other Finnish people. There are different classes for kids of different ages. The older students study the history of Finland, write articles in Finnish and discuss the importance of our culture and tradition, while the younger students are encouraged to speak in Finnish and are taught reading, writing and identifying Finnish customs. Depending on their age, and how much Finnish they know, they are given assignments that help them either maintain or learn Finnish. The school’s wonderful staff is very enthusiastic and always willing to help and encourage the students.

Along with regular classes we have all kinds of activities and fund-raisers to collect money for our school. So the students have fun while they learn! At Christmas time, the school holds a Christmas event, in which the students act out plays, recite poems and sing Christmas songs. After the performances, everyone eats a traditional Christmas dinner.