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FinnFest USA 2014

Why doesn't FinnFest USA organize a FinnFest USA festival in Finland?

We are offering this option in 2014! The FinnFest USA board wants to honor the spirit of 30 years of FinnFest USA's educational programming in a variety of Finnish-American geographical settings. At the same time, our mandate says we exist to enable people to know more about Finland and Finnish America.  

If FinnFest USA goes to Finland, we know we need to offer new experiences (lectures, tours, group activities and community resources) and still be FinnFest. 

It is a challenge we faced, and we are offering several options - for the first time ever! (See below)

What are my FinnFest USA options in 2014?

#1 - August 8-10, 2014, we'll hold a FinnFest USA festival in Minneapolis. We will focus special attention on contemporary Finnish culture ... especially current music, gaming and edgy, alternative programming to entice younger attendees.  Yet, we won't ignore the traditional festival aspects people have come to love and expect.

#2 - August 28-31, 2014, we'll hold an alternative FinnFest USA festival in Helsinki, Finland. The theme will be "Finland as a Gateway to Russia."We'll spend 3.5 days in Helsinki to explore historic and contemporary Finnish connections to Russia, giving attendees a unique and invaluable perspective on both historic and present-day issues. We'll spend our festival days together with a single stream of programming for all attendees. Presentations by scholars and professionals who work with Finland/Russia interests will work in tandem with special guided tours to Helsinki sites. In the evenings, we can attend the annual Helsinki Festival events, held locally at the same time. 

#3 - September 1-13, 2014, we'll offer a river cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Cruise Masters, who co-directed FinnFest USA in 2009 (cruise to Alaska) with us, is offering a Russian river cruise with many special "extras" for FunnFest USA participants.

Download the river cruise brochure from:
Or call or email Nanette Padero: 
253.906.4250 or 800.848.7120



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